Designing a visual language for GSK that communicates the science behind their product.

Working with Sensodyne we produced Grey X’s first TV ad to be created without a partner production agency. Our brief was to show off the features of Sensodyne’s latest toothbrush.

We decided on using macro photography to focus on the toothbrush's unique bristles, specifically highlighting both the gentle and effective filaments, these would then be combined with technical overlays to communicate the research behind their design. We realised this wouldn’t easily be achieved using physical cameras as we needed to transition from full product shot to focus on bristles that were only 0.02mm thick so we decided to re-create the toothbrush in 3D.

My role was to bring the animation to life in 3D using Cinema 4D, starting with a CAD file for the body I had to re-create the intricate bristles with fine detail that we could focus on with extreme close-ups. I then had to texture, light, animate and render the 3D animation, ready for compositing in After Effects.

Client  GSK, Sensodyne
Advertising Agency  Grey

Creative Director  Harry Shaw
Design Director  John-Patrick Racle
Designers  Alexander Melville

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