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I'm Alexander Melville formerly Alexander Klement, a designer born and raised in LondonLondon, my birthplace, currently living in CambridgeCambridge, my hometown with my wonderful partnerMy Partner and two amazing childrenMy kids.

I’ve worked at design studiosPlaces I worked, startupsPlaces I worked and advertising agenciesPlaces I worked on all sorts of kick ass design projects for globally recognised brands such as HSBC, Bose, Braun, and GSK.

Currently creating famously effective digital design at Grey, I'm also founder of Design Planet - an independent design agency, and co-founder of Zuki&Luna - an awesome ethical clothing brand for children.

Project 01/05

Designing a visual language for GSK that communicates the science behind their brand.

Agency / Grey
Client / GSK
Role / Design, 3D and Motion

Working at Grey I helped GSK to create scientifically driven visual languages for their sub brands; Sensodyne and Parodontax, that effectively communicated key product benefits.

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Project 02/05

Evoking calmness through emotive design to promote a new product from Bose.

Agency / Grey
Client / Bose
Role / Design, Motion and Art Direction

Bose’s 2018 advertising campaign was based around the idea of really feeling the music your listening to. We leveraged emotive photography, extended letter spacing and a solid rule to communicate the calmness that is felt when listening through Bose headphones.

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Project 03/05

Designing a bold visual language for Tuborg encapsulating the richness of new experiences.

Agency / Grey
Client / Tuborg
Role / Design, Motion and Art Direction

Grey developed a unique chatbot experience for Tuborg that enabled people to not just experience the life of a celebrity, but to experience a night living in their shoes. My role was to develop a graphic identity that communicated this duality of lives and overlapping experiences for the chatbot and campaign around it.

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Project 04/05

Creating letterforms with unique characteristics and properties in a 3D world.

Agency / Personal
Client / Personal
Role / Concept, Art Direction and Design

Each year 36 Days of Type launches a challenge for designers across the world to produce a new character design every day, resulting in a full 36 characters by the end of the 36 day period. Idea The area I wanted to explore with this project was 3D, creating a realistic looking form through physical modeling, materials and lighting. Each letter form was treated in a unique way resulting in 36 characters that all looked different and showed different production methods.

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Project 05/05

Injecting vibrancy into everyday punctuation with limited edition screen printed posters.

Agency / Personal
Client / Personal
Role / Concept, Art Direction Design and Print

I wanted to re-experience the art of screen printing so I set myself the task of designing a set of posters exploring type and pattern making, I could then print these as a limited edition screen print run. Idea The series is a set of four posters that explore the patterns that can be formed using a basic typographic glyphs as a starting point. Each poster is formed from two layers, the first being a base fluorescent typographic mark with a series of dots that interact with a core pattern which is overlaid in dark grey.

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Who I am

I’m a designer in a digital world, adapting my craft and flexing to the requirements of the world around me. I follow no-one, I lead no-one, I share what I know and work with those around me to make the world better through design.

I’m also a Utopian dreamer, family man, two-wheel petrol head, power-tech geek and Pokemon card collector.

What I do

Concept Design
Art Direction
Motion Design
Branding & Identity
Digital Design
Graphic Design

Where I’ve been

Grey London
Design Planet
Grey Possible
999 Design

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