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I'm Alexander Melville formerly Alexander Klement, a designer born and raised in London, currently living in Cambridge with my wonderful partnerMy Partner and two amazing childrenMy kids.

I’ve worked at design studiosPlaces I worked, startupsPlaces I worked and advertising agenciesPlaces I worked on all sorts of kick ass design projects for globally recognised brands such as HSBC, Bose, Braun, and GSK.

Currently creating famously effective digital design at Grey, I'm also founder of Design Planet - an independent design agency, and co-founder of Zuki&Luna - an awesome ethical clothing brand for children.

Designer, Alexander Melville

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I’m a designer in a digital world, adapting my craft and flexing to the requirements of the world around me. I follow no-one, I lead no-one, I share what I know and work with those around me to make the world better through design.

I’m also a Utopian dreamer, family man, two-wheel petrol head, power-tech geek and Pokemon card collector.

What I do
Concept Design
Art Direction
Motion Design
Branding & Identity
Digital Design
Graphic Design
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Grey London
Design Planet
Grey Possible
999 Design
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